Best 14 Person Tent Camping 2019 for Large Family and Groups

14 Person Tent Camping

Camping with a large group requires much preparation. It is really very stressful task. You need to arrange from the gear to sleeping and food arrangements. There are many things to consider while you camp with large groups. So, with 14 person tent, you can make things easy for yourself.

14 person tent facilitates and makes the camping possible with a large number of people. With these tents, you can enjoy camping with your large family. It will be very enjoyable to spend quality time with all of your family members in one place.

14 Person Tent Camping

Advantages of 14 Person Tents

There are many benefits associated with the 14 person tents. These tents are very beneficial to own. These benefits have made this category popular among the campers as these can easily accommodate a large number of people inside it. The advantages of these tents are as follows:

Multiple Windows and Entrances

As the tents possess large floor plans, therefore, there will be multiple doors. These multiple doors support the loading and unloading of the gear easily. In addition, these extra entries are also ideal for early wakeup calls and restroom trips. These extra entries facilitate the easy entry as well as exit. There is no need to disturb the other people as you can come out of the tent by your entry.

As these tents are for accommodating many persons inside it, ventilation is necessary. Thus, these windows are generally accompanied by many windows in order to facilitate good ventilation. Therefore, 14 person tents have multiple windows as well as additional entrances. All these features make things to handle in an easy manner. The multiple windows help in the prevention of condensation. It supports good ventilation.

Every area having windows offer air circulation inside the tent and it will give you comfortable stay when you are far away from your home.

Spacious Interiors

When you need to accommodate 14 persons in a tent, then definitely you need a tent that has spacious interiors. The 14 persons tents have spacious interiors to provide the space for persons and for storing gear. In fact, you will find the multiple rooms inside it in order to organize the people properly. Even, the tents also have room dividers along with the screened-in areas. These provide a good space for relaxing yourself. The room dividers are supporting privacy too.

Gear Storage

With the 14-person tents, you can not only accommodate many campers but can also provide space to gear too. With so many campers, definitely, there will be many things like food and so on. As there are many rooms in 14-person tents, you can use any one of the rooms like the storage rooms where you can keep your gear and all other items. In fact, some tents have the center area to be used as the storage space.

In fact, one can also use its own room to store its items as the rooms are spacious. There is plenty of space to be used in your own way and in the best manner.


Many smaller tents have a traditional dome-shaped tent and many have innovative designs. It means they have either a cabin or house shape. But the thing is that the tent must have more headroom. It is desirable to have more headroom. More headroom is required in cases when one needs to hand a stow gear and flashlights. When the ceiling is higher, the air circulation inside the tent is good. It is definitely required when there are many campers inside the tent, in such cases, good air circulation is required inside the tent.

How to Select Best 14 Person Tent?

To select the 14 person tent, you need to check certain features and points. Checking these points will make sure that you are choosing the best one to serve your needs.

Durability and Waterproofing

As many people will go inside the tent for various purposes which include sleeping too, the material of the tent must be of high quality. The high-quality material will provide the durability and longevity to the tent. Windows, zippers and reinforced floors will aid you in keeping the tent in good condition when it is used by many people at the same time.

However, it may be a little hard task to find a bathtub style floor in this category accompanied by the thicker floor, waterproof coating and wall material. The tent should have the strong seams to add water resistance and longevity to the tent.

When you have many campers, then ground covering such as footprint materials along with tarps is required. This will help in the prevention of any kind of damage to the tent’s floor. When so many feet will be set on the tent, then it is really necessary to take care of your tent.

Windows and Doors

Your need for multiple doors depends on the number of people you have with you on the trip. One should be present in each room of the tent. Most of the tents have room dividers dividing the tent into separate areas.

So, your preference must be a tent that has a separate door for every room or area. If this is not there, you will surely be disturbed by others while you are sleeping.

Tent size will decide the number of windows will it have. There should be a number of windows in the tent as inside of the tent must have good air circulation. A number of people inside the tent demand excellent ventilation and air circulation. More the windows, more the tent will have good ventilation. It will protect the condensation inside the tent. Therefore, windows must be in good quantity in the tent. In fact, in every area or room, there must windows. It will make the air circulation inside each corner of the tent.

More the windows less will be the condensation and more be the ventilation. It will be really very helpful when you are camping with your family and friends.

Assembly Considerations

There is no doubt that the tent for 14 people will be big in size. Setting up such a big tent will definitely require some pitching. However, still, manufacturers are coming with new ideas for easy installation and taking it down. They are utilizing simple assembly systems and lightweight poles. In fact, pole and pin system and color-coded poles are also supporting easy set up of camping tents.

In fact, keep in mind that it is not a one-person job. You will definitely a couple of other hands to make the tent stand up.

However, such a big tent will also take some space inside your bag. So, it definitely acquires more space. Thus, while shopping in a new tent, keep its size and weight in the mind.

There are some 14-person tents which will surely take more space than the other traditional tents. Easy set up can be bulkier.

The main thing while choosing the 14 person tent is that always keep your preference and needs in your mind. It will help you a lot in selecting the best one. If you do not consider your preferences, then there are chances that you might select the wrong one. To keep yourself from issues while camping, you must be sure that you have selected the best one.

14 Person Tent Camping Review and Buying Guide

Tahoe Gear Glacier 14 Person 3-Season Family Cabin Camping Tent with Rain Fly

Best 14 Person Tent Camping 2019 for Large Family and Groups

The tent is a comfortable and practical one that easily accommodates any campers. You will have the feeling of the home only. This is perfect for the families and all groups. It is also suitable for both day and night camping.

The durability of the tent is very good and no one can question its durability. As the polyester is 1200mm thick, it has thick and weather resistant walls as well as floors. In fact, the tent also has many windows, so it offers breath-ability.


  • Weight: 41.8 pounds


Tahoe Gear tent comes with durable water-resistant polyester floors and lining. Thus, water cannot seep through it. There is a functional power slip. It located near the door and will give you easy access to power cord inside the tent for chargers, lamps and much more.

Tahoe Gear Glacier 14 Person 3 Season Family Cabin camping tent has a polybag, stakes and carrying bag. One can easily assemble these shock-corded poles along with the pin-ring system. So, in no time you can get the tent ready for you.

Moreover, the tent has an extended fly canopy. It extends over the tent’s door for the purpose of maximum coverage. This also includes guy ropes. So, in windy weather also, the tent is also secured.

The tent is coordinating with 1200mm polyester fly and it has taped fly seams as well as polyethylene binding floor. All these things make the tent water-resistant one in many conditions.

As the tent’s body is made up of 1200 polyester, therefore, it is suited for cool and warm weather.

In addition, the tent has a 7-foot center and it is a great feature for the campers. With such center height, they can easily move inside the tent without any issues.

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  • All sides of the tent have windows.
  • The entire tent is divided into three separate rooms.
  • This tent has thick floor material.
  • It also has a power slip.
  • There is a solar shield on the rain fly and it reflects the sunlight.
  • The floor plan is 20 X 12 feet.
  • Center height is 7-foot.
  • Fly canopy is extended over the door.


  • The tent is heavy.

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14 Person Cabin Tent


Ozark Trail Base Camp 14 Person Cabin Tent

When you are searching for the 14 person tent, then you can also consider this tent as the tent is spacious. This tent just serves as your home. Its 20 by 20-foot floor plan is totally worth your money.

In total there are four rooms. Each room in the tent has its own entrance. So, it makes easy entry and exit. In fact, you will have two windows in every room. This provides good visibility and ventilation. In fact, there is a common area in between all of these four rooms. This space can be used as a storage space.


  • Size: 20 x 20 x 78 inches
  • Weight: 50 pounds


The primary entrance of this tent has a set of double doors. On the other hand, every room has a D-style door. Rooms and the common area along with the spacious entrance provide comfortable stay on camping.

Apart from all of these, the tent is quite easy to set up. You will not find it hard to set the tent within a few minutes. So, it is very easy to assemble. Directions are clearly provided with the tent to set it up.

The main entrance room opens into the center room and all three rooms are present to the sides. These three rooms have their own privacy with the help of zippered dividers.

It also has a mesh ceiling. Thus, it contributes to the excellent ventilation. In fact, in each room, queen size air mattress can easily fit.

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  • All rooms have the windows.
  • Each and every room has a separate entry.
  • There is an electric cord port.
  • The tent has a center living area.
  • There are four rooms.
  • The floor plan of the tent is 20 X 20.


  • Main entrance room may not be of any use.


There are lots of options in the market and you can choose any one of the 14 person tents. You can select the one that matches your requirement. Some may be expensive but still, they will worth your money as they will provide many wonderful features. Do little research on the features of the tents.

However, if you have a limited budget, then also 14 person tents are available in the market. You should also consider the storage space, floor plan and so on while selecting a 14 person tent. This tent is going to be just like your house when you are away from your house on camping.

Select the best one and enjoy camping with your friends and family. Make your camping trip enjoyable and pleasurable.



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