Best 6 Person Camping Tent Review and Buying Guide

Best 6 Person Camping Tent Review and Buying Guide

The 6 person camping tent is sufficient for the persons numbering till 6 in numbers. However, these tents fit up to 7 people. But it will be highly uncomfortable. So, use these tents up to 6 people only. These tents offer comfortable to stay inside the tent. The tents will not provide anything uncomfortable and will contribute to making precious moments.

A large group of up to 6 people needs a tent in which they can stay together in the night. These Best 6 Person camping tent are adaptable for the sleepers. Squeeze your family with a tent and enjoy the peaceful night. The tents will give you the space that you need. Enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. These are amazing tents to occupy your family and friends. Such kind of tents has sufficient headroom. They also have vestibules.

In the market, you will have many brands in this category. Each one will have its own features and benefits. The user needs to choose the one as per his requirement. Here, we present some of the best 6 person camping tent.

Best 6 Person Camping Tent

Best 6 Person Camping Tent

1. Coleman 6-Person Dome Tent for Camping

Best 6 Person Camping Tent Review and Buying Guide


Dimensions: 27 x 8 x 8 in
Display Weight 22.8 lbs
Capacity Upto 6 Person
Shipping Weight: 16.2 pounds

The tent is made up polyester. The center height of this tent is 72” (6 ft.). So, people inside the tent can easily walk. Its dome-shaped design also allows the person to move inside with ease. The fiberglass poles are the 8.5mm diameter. Hence, it these are tough. Further, it can easily handle high-velocity wind. So, your tent will not be easily toppled by high winds.

The tent has WeatherTec™ System patented welded floors as well as inverted seams. So, this will keep the water out of the tent. The interior is spacious. Maximum Ventilation is provided with floor vent. The tent will remain cool with the large windows.

It is also providing fiberglass poles and an electric accessibility port. It is a good option for camping and hiking.

Presence of WeatherTec System will provide complete protection against all kinds of weather conditions. Availability of privacy vent window will provide privacy to all people in the tent.

The adjustable Variflo system allows for excellent ventilation. Therefore, campers will have proper airflow inside the tent. So, you will be saved from excessive hot temperature.

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Coleman 6-Person Features

It is weatherproof. The floor of the tent is made from1000D polyethylene. The flooring of this tent is watertight as well as factory-sealed. This tent could fit 2 queen-size airbeds. The surface area of the tent is 100 sq. ft.It is a single set-up as well as dismantling will take less than 20 minutes. This tent is made from durable TC fabric. It is available with an insta-clip device for the purpose of the easy pole assembly. The tent is equipped with Weather Tec System. 10 x 10 x 6 inches is the product dimension.. Its shipping weight is 15.7 pounds.

Pros and Cons


  • The tent easily fit into a carry bag.
  • The space inside the tent is spacious and one can easily fit the queen sized air mattress.
  • It is surprisingly tall, so a tall person can easily stand inside in this tent.
  • It is freestanding to set the tent easily and quickly. After some practices, you can easily pitch it in only 5 minutes.
  • It is water resistant.


  • People always claim that poles are weak.
  • Carry extra blankets as in the cold hours you might get chilled.
  • You might face problem to store your gear inside it.

2. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Weather Master 10-Person Outdoor Tent
The setting up of a tent takes 20 minutes. However, initially some claims to take around 1 hour. But after practice, you will set this tent within half an hour.

The tent has various large windows and this makes the inner space a pleasant one. It also has a removable divider. Hence, you can have two rooms separately. The ceiling is high and it is 80 inches high in the central area. Presence of complete mesh. Hence, ventilation is not an issue with this tent.

In terms of design, fly is minimal and it is not full coverage. It also creates small awnings. Awnings are created above the doors. The backside of this brand has two windows with waterproof and mesh panels. Through metal hooks, plastic clips and Velcro tabs, the fly is attached to poles of the tent. The fly is well-secured and is above the ground. The ceiling is mesh.

The floor area is big. The absence of tarp on its floor. It is a good feature. So, now, you no need to take tension when you use tables and chairs. The door is of two layers which is in between the main tent and screen room.

The panel is with zipper and it is non-transparent and waterproof.

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Coleman WeatherMaster Features

It has a huge screen room. The tent has a very large sleeping floor area i.e. 1.5 square meters per person. There are a two-rooms tent in addition to the screen room. Many large windows are available. It is available at a great price. Fly of the tent is minimal. Its weight is 32 pounds. The tent has a waterproof panel. So, keep it close when back wind and rain combine. There are many poles and are of different kinds. It has a vertical door pole made up of fiberglass along with rubber tips 6.3 mm. The tent has a long door pole made up of fiberglass that has rubber tips 6.3 mm. 2 awning poles are present, made up of fiberglass along with metal tips. There is 2 curved steel ridge pole. You will have 2 curved ridge poles of steel that has a red marking. There is 4 short straight steel poles. Each one is 19 mm. 4 straight steel poles. Each pole is of 19 mm.


  • It is of great size.
  • The tent is available with great price.
  • It is a tall tent.
  • The tent is a livable one.
  • It has a screen room along with 2 rooms.


  • The tent has not many pockets.
  • It is not a freestanding one.

3. Wenzel Evergreen Tent- 6 Person

 Wenzel Evergreen Tent - 6 Person

When you go for camping, one surely want to experience delightful camping. So, when you are 5-6 in numbers, then Wenzel Evergreen Tent- 6 Person is also a good option.


Wenzel Evergreen Tent has 3 closable mesh windows. So, you stay far away from bugs and obviously annoying insects will also keep a distance from you. There is a provision of a mesh roof. Therefore, air passes continuously through the cooler interior specifically when weather is hot. You will find the built-in electrical ports. A perfect choice for mid-size families. Rooms are spacious. The tent has space for gear storage. The user will get the back to back Dutch-style doors. Hence, campers get a separate entrance. Thus, campers get more privacy. The tent has room divider curtain allowing campers to make more space.

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  • This one comes with 10 years warranty from the manufacturer’s side.
  • It also comes up with free storage duffel.
  • The tent also rain fly. Hence, you will get extra protection against all odd weather.
  • There are two separate rooms giving you more space on camping.
  • Get luxurious fun with built-in electrical ports.
  • Presence of mesh roof and mesh windows will make you enjoy the outdoors without being disturbed by bugs.


  • It is made up of such material which is lightweight. So, it is challenging for the tent to stand against strong winds.

4. Kelty Trail Ridge 6 – 6 Person Camping Tent

Kelty Trail Ridge 6 – 6 Person Tent

Kelty is known for its quality camping tent. In fact, it is known for its gear bands. It is a three-season tent. Its typical dome shape can easily fit 6 people in it. The tent is big enough to move freely inside it. When you really wish to have more space, then it can be preferred. It is perfectly a good choice for 6 people. The tent is a perfect one for the purpose of family car camping. In fact, a perfect choice for the 6 person along with the budget-friendly price.

The tent is freestanding on. Hence, it can support its own. Thus, it is a great one especially for camping on mountain and desert. In the desert, the soil is found to be not compact at all. In the mountains, the area is mostly rough terrain. So, setting the tent is a really hard task. But with this option, you will not have any issues in finding the one. The main thing with a freestanding tent is that it offers convenience. The ease to set this up is a loveable feature.

It has mesh ceilings that is combined with rainfly. Thus, the airflow is proper inside the tent. In fact, it helps in preventing the building up of compensation in the tent. Mesh will let the cool air to come inside the tent. On a cold night, you can use the fly to stay warm and during rain, you will stay dry.

75 denier polyester is used in fly material. Further, 68 denier polyester is found in wall material. Next, 68 denier Nylon is used in floor material

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Stakes are of high quality and heavy duty. The tent has cross flow ventilation as it has two doors. The tent is 6 feet tall. So, one with normal height can easily move inside the tent. You will get the panoramic views from mesh walls around your surroundings. To keep your camping gears and other valuables from the interior storage. For added convenience, you will have night light pocket. Fly vent is offering excellent ventilation. Presence of noiseless zipper pulls will not wake the family in their sleep. At the back and front of the tent, you will get the two D Doors. It has 4 DAC aluminum poles. There are 4 wire stakes. This will help in holding the tent during winds.


  • An individual can set up the tent within 10 minutes. One can set this the tent without help from others.
  • You will get the extra storage space with the presence of 2 vestibules.
  • Freestanding tent.
  • noiseless zipper pulls.
  • After set up, it can be moved easily.
  • There are internal storage pockets.
  • Presence of factory-taped seams.


  • Vestibules will not give sufficient space in between vestibule door and tent door.
  • You might have leaks when the rainfly is open on the rainy nights.

5. Flying Diamond Tent – 6 Person by Big Agnes

Best 6 Person Camping Tent Review and Buying Guide
It is nice weather resistant 6 person camping tent. Kids love this one as the tent has a small side room. This room can be used for several different purposes like gear storage area or closet. It is a freestanding tent. The tent has a very long structure. It is a unique one.

This is a dome tent that has long poles. This is a 3-season type.

Flying Diamond Tent is a reliable tent that is best to give space for 6 person. It has exceptional features. The tent is a unique one. After setting this tent, you will see it is a dome tent that has 2 main long poles. But when 2 extra poles are added to it crossing the main poles, then it will give you an appearance of winter tent.

Expanding on the front side where huge awning is there, then adding two poles will give a tunnel-like look. Overall, it is an extended dome-type tent. This tent is not freestanding. However, the center of the tent is freestanding but this concept does not apply to the entire tent.

One can easily set this tent up. The tent has 6 poles and it has color-coded pole system. The fabric of the floor is polyester and fly is made up of polyester rip-stop.

The tent has a removable divider. Hence, it separates the smaller room and the main space. In fact, each part owns its own entrance. You can take this tent easily when your camping place has car access.

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The tent has 6 vents in the fly. Three are present on each side. Mesh section is present on the ceiling. Tunnel profile is available on the tent. So, it will allow the airflow from both sides. Doors have a double structure along with waterproof and mesh panels.

Awning and vestibules configuration will allow you to cook outside and it will help in preventing condensation. The tent has 16 pockets which are really unbelievable. The weather resistance for the floor and fly is 1500mm. All seams are waterproof as well as taped.


  • It provides complete protection.
  • Quality material is used in its manufacturing.
  • Look of this tent is great.
  • It is versatile.
  • The tent carries a nice carry bag.
  • The tent comes with the full-coverage fly. So, you can keep warm with you during cold nights.


  • It is an expensive one.
  • The tent has less meshing on its ceiling in comparison to other 3 season tent.

6. The North Face Kaiju 6 Person Camping Tent

Best 6 Person Camping Tent Review and Buying Guide

It is a nice camping tent that is non-freestanding. The tent is a 3-season type one that has aluminum poles as well as the huge porch. This tent is known for its sufficient storage elements along with space.

The North Face Kaiju 6 is a dome style tent that has the main dome and a porch. The porch is supported by the extra pole. This extension makes the tent non-freestanding one. The tent has a tall construction that is accompanied by the huge doors and stand-up design. Its peak height is 80 inches. Portch is huge and functional. It is like a 2-room tent.

The area of the porch is floorless. However, there is a mud room for the purpose of cooking and sitting. A roll-up feature of the tent is great. One can easily roll the fly from one side and then one can increase the airflow by integrated webbing. This tent will always remain in shade with the help of fly. Fly is not present inside of the tent but it has mesh. So, you might get cold surrounding in winters.

In terms of capacity, it can easily occupy 6 people. The inner area is small but there are two vestibules. Among these two, one is present ay the porch. This tent easily accommodate6 people along with all the gears they have. It is a perfect one for family camping.

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In this tent, you will find plenty of mesh providing good ventilation. So, with this one, you will not have any kind of issues with the ventilation. There is proper airflow inside the tent. However, there is an absence of floor vents but this thing does not create a problem for proper ventilation as huge mesh doors offer good crossflow.

The tent has many pockets. You will find 10+ pockets. So, storage will never be a problem with the tent as you will have more than sufficient storage space. Internal hanger loops and foot wipers are also present with this one.

68D polyester along with 1200 mm PU coating is used in the fly fabric. Breathable 68D polyester is used in the canopy. 150D Polyester is used on the floor. Hence, quality material is used in all of its construction. There are a total of 4 poles in which one is to support the porch area.

The weight of this tent is around 19 lb 2.6 oz. So, campers can take this when they have car access to their camping destination.

It is a three-season tent offering full protection. The rating for the waterproof feature is not too good but it is sufficient for you.


  • This tent is very tall so, people whose height is tall can easily occupy inside the tent.
  • quality material is used in the construction of this one.
  • High level craftsmanship is used in the tent.
  • Very good organization.


  • This tent is not budget-friendly. It is an expensive one.
  • You might have issues with poles.
  • Durability might be an issue with this tent.

7. Marmot Limestone 6 Person Camping Tent

Best 6 Person Camping Tent Review and Buying Guide

It is a reliable 3-season tent. This is a freestanding tent. So, anyone can pitch this tent on any kinds of terrain. Hence, the tent need not to be staked on the ground. However, one needs to stretch its fully functional vestibules.

However, one more thing that being a 3-season tent does not mean that it is a winter tent. The reason behind this is that it has a double layer structure. Inside of the tent is entire mesh. Such such structure does not support warmth inside the tent. But still, the tent can manage itself in harsh conditions.

The tent is a dome-style one. Thus, it has an X-shaped poles structure. It is stable as well as aerodynamics. The tent has an impressive height and it is 76 inches. So, the tent can perform well in strong winds.

Its lightweight makes this tent easy for the users to carry this. So, it can easily be transported in the backpacks. It is also used for hiking. The tent is also used by families for camping and also used at the base camp as well as camping places that have car access.

It has 2 vestibules for storing all the gear. The floor plan is large enough to accommodate parents and their kids.

Its packed size is good and it is 28*10 inches. The tent has carry bag and it is designed nicely. The carry bag has a carry handle.

The carry bag has setup instructions. A single person can set this tent up. So, there is no issues in setting this tent up when you have no help. Use the mail poles which are two in number and pass them via the sleeves. When you put the grommets, this tent will stand up. Add the 2 two horizontal shorter poles to it. It must be followed by attaching clips to all of the poles.

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The tent is lightweight. So, you can carry this 6-person camping tent. It also provides full protection from the elements. Its easy set up makes this one a lovely camping tent. There are 2 doors along with 2 vestibules. Quality material is used in its construction. The packed size is good.

Quality material is used. The tent has four poles including 2 shorter brow poles and 2 main poles. These are of DAC aluminum, 12 mm and 14.5 mm respectively. These poles are durable. Shorter poles are present around the tent and their main aim is making the doors vertical on both sides. These create extra volume.

Fly and the canopy are made up of 68D Polyester. Further, the mesh is made up of 40D. Polyester is a material which is known for its quality as it is poor water absorber. In the situation, when your tent gets wet, your tent will not gain weight and it will not become heavy.

The floor of the tent is strong as it is made up of 150D Polyester Oxford. Hence this feature is quite impressive and it does not make you feel that footprint is absent in this tent.

There are two vestibules that are asymmetric and have different zippers. The main one has two parallel zippers. These can be used for creating an awning.

The inner tent has two huge doors. Each door is present on both sides. Each door has a bottom pocket. The tent also has 4 mesh pockets.


  • Its fly is full coverage.
  • The tent has great height as well as volume.
  • The tent is easy to set up.
  • It is also a reliable one.
  • The tent is freestanding one.


  • The tent is expensive. So, this might not be your budget.
  • Ventilation might be an issue when you keep the fly on.

8. Mountain HardWear Optic 6 Camping Tent

When you need a reliable tent for your camping purpose, then you can consider this camping tent. It is a 3-season tent that has 2 unique asymmetric vestibules and full coverage fly.

It has three series including 2.5, 3.5 and 6. The Optic 6 is the largest among these three. The tent is a dome style that has two poles which creates an X-structure along with the creation of a short ridge pole. One can call this one as freestanding one but make sure that its vestibules are staked to the ground.

It has a two-layer structure as well as an inner tent. There is a full coverage fly. In terms of capacity, the tent is suitable for 6 people. However, the inner area of this tent is small. Two asymmetric vestibules will surely add some covered space.

The tent has a good waterproof rating. It has full fly as well as reliable aluminum poles. Therefore, the campers can be protected in all weather condition. This feature makes the tent a 3-season type. Being tall in structure contributes to standing against the strong winds.

The tent is suitable for the warmer climate. However, a fly is present but still, the inner tent has lots of mesh. Therefore, the tent will not provide warmth and hence, it must not be used especially in the cold winter.

In terms of weight also, it is lightweight. It is only 7.6 kg in weight. Its lightweight will help the users in carrying this one anywhere on the camping. So, when you use it by yourself only, then the user can consider this camping tent.

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The tent has full coverage fly. DAC aluminum is present. There are 2 vestibules and two doors. One vestibule is for the awning configuration. Awning configuration is done with the assistance of trekking poles.

The tent is very tall. It has an awning configuration.

Its peak height is 77 inches. The tent has two poles and these poles are manufactured by DAC. These poles are strong as well as flexible.

The fly of Mountain Hardware Optic 6 Camping Tent is 70D 190T nylon taffeta that has 3000 mm rating. This also looks durable. The floor of the tent is made up of the same material. 75D Polyester taffeta is used in the construction of a canopy.

Doors of the tent have fly as well as vestibule design. The doors will give you a large angle of views. All mesh is there along with the taffeta panels. On rolling the vestibules, the doors will serve as the two mesh windows. The flys are without any vent.

You will get the reflective color coded starter tab on canopy and rainfly. One will get many mesh pockets. The user can also order optional oversized footprint separately. Likewise, you can also order gear loft as well as divider separately.

The user can easily set the tent but its tall structure can create the problem in setting the tent up. It can easily set up within 10 minutes.

Mountaineers and climbers like this one for its comfortable design. It is a family friend tent. Its asymmetrical design is aesthetically comfortable and pleasing. Front and side doors are impressive.


  • The tent is easy to set up.
  • This option is a reliable camping tent to accommodate 6 people.
  • The tent has an excellent waterproof rating.
  • This tent has a useful awning setup which is quite impressive.
  • Panoramic mesh openings will impress you.
  • Overall, this tent has many unique features.


  • The absence of vents.
  • The tent is quite expensive. So, one might find it difficult to fit this tent into his budget.
  • smaller inner area


When you go for camping, you will surely not want to squeeze your friends and family under one tent. So, if the number reaches to 6, then always opt for 6-person camping tent as this one will give you sufficient space to enjoy camping. The market is filled with lots of 6-person camping tent. Each one differs from each other in terms of weight and features. So, one needs to decide for one that matches his requirements.

6-person tent will surely give you space and comfort which you need on your camping. When you are interested in recreational camping and enjoying outdoor camping, then you definitely need a camping tent that serves convenience to you. These are amazing tents which will accommodate your friends and small family. Best of 6-person tent will not make a huge hole in your pocket. They are budget friendly.

Hence, when you are looking for some space for your kids and camping partners, 6-person camping tents will serve you best. Always keep your priorities in your mind while you choose one as the one you choose must serve the purpose otherwise it will be a burden for you nothing else. Look for the features and quality and then finalize the 6-person camping tent.



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