5 Best Backpacking Tent for Less Price(2020 Buying Guide)

5 Best Backpacking Tent for Less Price(2020 Buying Guide)

In the market, there are various tents, that are under less price But the issue arises when you want to buy the best one. On searching for the best Backpacking Tent Under less price, you will have many options in front of you. So, it becomes extremely difficult for the campers to choose the one. The search becomes harder when you want a superior quality tent that is under less price.

Here, you will get the best backpacking tents under less price. In this article, you will get every knowledge that is required to buy a tent. You need to go through all these and mentioned features, pros and cons. Match the available features of a backpacking tent with your requirements. The tents are available in many kinds of styles, shapes and quality. All these tents are suitable for camping purpose.

Best Backpacking Tent Under 100 Buying Guide

best Backpacking Tent Under 100

1. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

5 Best Backpacking Tent for Less Price(2020 Buying Guide)

The tent is a freestanding one. This solo tent provides lots of space in the tent as well as under the vestibule. The tent comes with an easy setup feature along with the affordable price tag. The tent has a stable and simple construction.

It is a 2 pole design that offers sufficient space for one person. The tent’s upper body is mesh, Its bottom and lower body is made up of waterproof fabric along with sealed seams. The D-shaped mesh side door is present. It is large. In fact, you can roll the door and fix it on its left side. Here you will get the clips as well as loops to serve this purpose.

You can add gear inside the tent as it is long. You will also get the 10 sq. ft. of covered space. This is under the side vestibule. This vestibule has storm flap and zipper and they have velcro tabs. There are 2 mesh pockets inside the tent. To attach the things, the canopy has clips on it.

Freestanding design makes the setup process is easy. There are two poles. X structure is created by these poles and these offer stable structure. At each corner, you will get the grommets and loops. It takes only 2 minutes to set the tent.

On the narrow sides, the fly has two vents. It has velcro tabs and these have bars to keep them open to allow ventilation. In addition, narrow sides of the tent also two small windows.

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  • Brand Name: ALPS
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Size: 32 x 90 x 36 inches
  • Metal: NA
  • Color: NA


Fly and floor seams are factory sealed. There are extra large zippers. In the tent, you will get one vestibule and one door. The tent has mesh storage pockets. It has included gear loft. 7075 aluminum stakes are included in this tent. You will get the Weatherproof fly buckles to provide maximum protection and adjustability.

East entry is available in the tent. Presence of half mesh walls offers great ventilation. You will get 75D 185T polyester fly along with 1500 mm coating. It is resistant to UV damage. The tent has 75D 185T poly taffeta floor and it has 2000 mm coating.

Pros and Cons

  • The tent is freestanding one.
  • No issues in setting the tent. One can set the tent in a matter of seconds.
  • You will get the spacious vestibules.
  • There is a side door in this tent.
  • You will get the stable, sturdy and strong construction.
  • There is no footprint.

2. Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2 Person Backpacking Tents

Tent Full Name: Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2 Person Backpacking Tents with Footprint – Lightweight Two Door Ultralight Dome Camping Tent

Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2 Person Backpacking Camping Tents

Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2 Person Backpacking Tents with Footprint is designed in such a way that it provides comfort, reliability and convenience to the users. This tent is the best backpacking tent as it does not weigh much. The weight of the tent is only 3 pounds. So, the tent does not offer any kind of inconvenience in carrying the tent.

In spite of lightweight, the tent has a durable and tough construction. The tent is made up of the nonstretch polyester and its rip-stop material enhances the durability of the tent. In fact, as the tent offers high-quality construction, it also has a lifetime warranty.

The mesh walls of this tent will keep the inside of the tent well-ventilated. So, you will not have any issues of ventilation as there will be proper airflow inside the tent. Free-designing of the tent makes the entire process of setting the tent and taking it down becomes easy. In fact, all these processes are quick in action due to the free-standing design of this tent.

The tent comes with the reflective guy lines, a stake pressure and aluminum alloy stakes. In addition, this tent also comes with the footprint that is PU 5000mm. It enhances the protection of the tent floor. The tent includes 2 vestibules and detachable gear loft. These things increase the space for storage inside the tent. It is good to have increased space inside the tent.

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  • Brand Name: Hyke and Byke
  • Weight: 3.81 pounds
  • Size: 90 x 55 x 42 inches
  • Metal: 7000 Series aluminum alloy
  • Color: Available in various colors


Hyke & Byke tents are always tested and on countless time, they have proved their quality. It has a lifetime warranty. It is lightweight and durable. The tent has 12 aluminum stakes of 7000 series. The reflective guy lines have tension lock cord adjustment. The tent also has a proprietary stake presser. There is 1 pole that has clip pole attachment for easy setup.

The tent is a 3 season one. Its footprint is 210T, 63D Polyester lattice cloth, PU 5000 – 0.46 lbs. Floor and rainfly of this tent are constructed via polyester fabric for the durable and ultralight shell. The tent is of high quality.

The rainfly and bathtub floor are waterproof. Seams of the tent are factory taped and it will help the rainwater to keep out from the tent. It has dual door design, so it provides easy entry along with the easy exit of the people.

The tent also has a carry bag. So, packing and storing the tent is not the issue with this tent as the tent has a carry bag.

This tent has interior pockets. Hence, one can keep the accessories, chargers and watch when you sleep.

Pros and Cons

  • This tent is lightweight and compact.
  • The tent is roomy and therefore, offers lots of space.
  • One can easily set the tent.
  • It is a waterproof tent.
  • The tent also has a footprint included in it.
  • There is excellent ventilation inside the tent.
  • It is not good for tall people so, standing in the tent will be a problem for them.

3. Luxe Tempo 3.3LB 1 Person Backpacking Tent

Tent Full Name: Luxe Tempo 3.3LB 1 Person Backpacking Tent Solo with Free Mattress Footprint Minimalist Pitch Option

Luxe Tempo 3.3LB 1 Person Backpacking Tent

It is the best tent for less price. The design of the tent is exquisite. The tent also has a strategic clip placement along with the pole set to create vertical walls and no-drip entryway. It is enough to create space for one head.

As the tent is lightweight, so one can easily carry this tent for backpacking. The floor, footprint and body of the tent are made up of polyester. The polyester provides a sturdy feature. This tent is featuring 3000 mm polyurethane coating for the protection against heavy rain. The mesh inner tent is offering excellent ventilation inside the tent.

This tent also has a silicone coated rainfly. It will shed off the water as well as snow quickly.

It is a 4 season backpacking tent. So, you can choose this tent for winter camping too. It is designed in such a way that it will provide complete protection against cold winter.

The tent is reliable in hot summer too as the mesh window will handle the hot temperature.

This tent has freestanding aluminum poles. These poles help the tent to stand up just in a few minutes. You will also get the durable fly attachment.

Doors are 2 and are double layered. These will protect you in winter. There are 2 vestibules and it offers space for storage. In fact, these can also be used to increase airflow.

Anti-abrasion is used in webbing and will last for long.

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  • Brand Name: Luxe Tempo
  • Weight:3.3 lb
  • Size: 88 *37.4*41.3 in
  • Metal: NA
  • Color: NA


It is made up of 210T Rip Stop Polyester Canopy. Rip-stop reinforced taffeta Full-length fly (210T) is with all seams taped and it is featuring 3000mm polyurethane coating. This provides great protection against heavy rain.

No-see-um mesh inner tent provides excellent ventilation and you can enjoy a starry night without being bitten by any mosquitoes and pests. There is a mesh pocket that is present over the head. It aids in organizing small items. In fact, it is also accessible when you are lying down.

Gusseted tent corner is present in the tent and it helps in sustaining constant tension. Presence of will help in the prevention of clogging. You will get 2 ceiling loops for the purposes of the lamp. One can buckle the footprint of the tent to the fly so that instant ultralight shelter is created.

Pros and Cons

  • It comes with the footprint.
  • The tent has a spacious interior along with steep walls at the head end.
  • It is easy setup and it also has a conjoined aluminum pole.
  • You will get the rainfly vent and it will give you extra ventilation.
  • One can easily pitch the freestanding rainfly with footprint.
  • In case, if the person is tall, one might face issues on choosing this tent and this will lead to unpleasurable experience.

4. Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent

Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent, Lightweight 2 Pounds 9 Ounces

It is a pleasant and nice tent for solo backpackers. As its weight is 3 pounds, so one will not get any strain in its back. The tent can easily withstand the rain and fly effectively. On the side of the tent, you will get a vestibule. Rainfly off the walls are mesh and therefore, inside the tent is great air circulation.

In fact, set up the tent is also an easy process as the presence of 2 hoops will handle the challenge of setting the tent. These hoops along with the aluminum poles that are lightweight will snap together and make the tent up.

This bivy tent is non-freestanding one but it is a double wall tent. Presence of the rain fly will provide the full coverage against all kinds of elements.

Zippers are present in rainfly. Presence of velcro tabs will help in keeping the storm flap in its place only. Seams are taped. You can fix the door to the fly after rolling it up.

The inner tent is mesh and it provides ventilation. Inner tent has two looped holes. These are of different sizes.

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  • Brand Name: Winterial
  • Weight: 3 pounds (Packed weight is 3.4 pounds)
  • Size:18 x 4.5 x 4 inches
  • Metal: NA
  • Color: NA


It is very assembly process. There are two hoops that contribute to easy assembly. The tent is an ideal tent for backpacking and hiking. It accommodates 1 person to sleep in it. This tent is a 3 season tent that has ventilated roof mesh along with a rain fly which is full coverage for rainy and colder weather.

The tent is lightweight. Thus, carrying Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent is not going to create the problem for you. So, on your hiking, this tent will serve you with the best and will hold up the conditions to provide comfort. The tent has a strong and reliable rainfly that can be removed if you wish so.

Pros and Cons

  • It is easy to set the tent.
  • The tent comes under the category of ultra lightweight
  • This tent is highly affordable one as its price is less price.
  • This backpacking tent is low.

5. TNH Outdoors 2 Person Camping & Backpacking Tent

TNH Outdoors 2 Person Camping & Backpacking Tent

The main aim of TNH Outdoors is creating a sustainable future via Reuse, Rethink and Reduce. Therefore, TNH Outdoor camping tent is made up of biodegradable material and it is reducing the impact on the environment. So, it is aiding the adventure lovers but also contributing to saving the Earth.

It offers brand value. To make the customers happy, TNH offer the facility of the refund to replacement and they will make everything to make their customers happy.

It is a 2 person backpacking tent and it’s designed in such a way that it provides comfort, convenience and space. The tent provides sufficient space for two people. One can use it in summer season and it offers maximum ventilation and make sure that you are protected from bugs in hot summers.

This outdoor tent is environmentally friendly, waterproof, breathable and durable. It will give you home like feeling. The design for a tent is ideal for camping, traveling, hiking, festival outdoors and backpacking. This tent has a single aluminum pole structure. So, this features an easy setup of the tent. One can also pack this tent easily.

Its package includes reflective rope and aluminum tent stakes. This makes sure safety at night. It has lightweight. Hence, a person can carry this tent anywhere easily.

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  • Brand Name: TNH Outdoors
  • Weight:
  • Size: 82.50*51.20*51.20
  • Metal: NA
  • Color: NA


In front of the tent, you will get the vestibule. It is large enough to provide you sufficient space for storing dirty and wet gear. The design of rainfly can adjust the venting to enhance and decrease the breeze as per your wish. If your tent poles get a break, then you can use an aluminum splint and it comes in a peg bag.

All the seams are taped as well as sealed and keeps the moisture away.

Pros and Cons

  • The tent has an interlocking hub system and this system makes the tent easy setup. It also offers safety to use the tent.
  • Its design is field tested.
  • The tent offers good ventilation and it makes sure that warmth is retained. Inside the tent, you will not experience any morning moisture.
  • Quality material is used in its construction.
  • It is a great tent for all occasions.
  • You will get sufficient space to relax and sit.
  • There is no footprint with this tent.


It is not hard to find the camping tent but it is tough to get the backpacking tent under less price. You need to go through all the features and match these features with the requirements. This will help you in deciding the backpacking tent under less price to buy. Taking some points into consideration will surely help you in finding the best one.

When you go for buying a backpacking tent, see its material. It is important to see because it will determine the durability of the tent. It will decide how long will the tent lasts. The durable material will help you.

There are many other points too like easy setup, living space, weight, season rating, double wall/Single wall construction, footprint and so on. These points will assist you in making a choice for the backpacking tent. Weight of the tent must not be ignored in selecting the tent. It matters a lot.

Take your time and decide for the best as camping must be a pleasurable experience for you. So, the right backpacking tent will serve its purpose and will give you a wonderful camping experience.


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