5 Best Car Camping Tent 2020 Review (Buying Guide)

Best Car Camping Tent

When you choose to buy the car camping tent, then simply consider the size of the tent you will serve your requirement. Tents of varying capacity are available in the market. Choosing the four-person tent is perfect when you are three or four people camping.

Your whole camping trip can fail if you do not have the right camping tent. So, any individual who just love to head out for adventure and fun. Going on camping means you definitely need a place to rest and sleep. What can be best for such a place. Of course, camping tent will serve your need. There can be nothing else to provide you such perfect accommodation.

In fact, car camping will serve your need and will provide you convenience. When you do not wish to carry heavy loads and accessing your campsite by walking, then car camping will be the right choice for you.

Car camping will give you the facility of reaching to remote locations without any trouble. So, with the facility of car camping tent, you can explore new places and discover nature’s beauty. The car camping tent will make sure that you have sound sleep and get relaxed whenever you wish for it. Get ready to escape from your daily busy life and enjoy the camping trip with the best car camping tent.

One should choose the one that accommodates all your people. There is no need to buy a camping tent which is bigger than the requirement. Here, some best car camping tents are presented.

5 Best Car Camping Tent Review

Best Car Camping Tent

These Below tents are a good fit with car camping. You can easily carry in your car and set your tent near to your car. If you need a tent which is attached to the car, then please read our best truck tent review guide.

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1. Night Cat Camping Tent 2 to 3 Person Car Camping Tent Review

Tent Name: Night Cat Camping Tent 2 3 Persons Easy Instant Pop Up Tent Automatic Hydraulic Double Layer

The tent has a unique feature of hydraulic pressure mechanism and this mechanism provides the convenience of easy setup.

The tent is well made up. You will not found any needle holes, stability in the hard winds and dry in the drizzle. The tent is made up of 210D durable oxford tent fabric and the floor is made up of abrasion-proof fabric. There are strong fiberglass poles. It guarantees the stability as well as long service.

There is no odd smell inside the tent. Moreover, the chemical odor is also not there inside the tent.

The tent is not water resistant but one can use it light drizzle. In fact, try to avoid in moderate and heavy rain.

This camping tent provides convenience as well as comfort. Interiors of the tent offers excellent ventilation and temperature inside the tent is maintaining throughout day and night. The tent is also UV resistant and moquitoes cannot penetrate inside it.

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  • Brand Name: Night Cat
  • Weight: 10lbs
  • Size: NA
  • Metal: NA
  • Color: NA


The presence of Advanced Hydraulic pressure mechanism aids in an instant and fast set up as well as take down. So, one can easily complete the set up within 60 seconds. In fact, one will take only 2 minutes to take it down. Thus, no labor is required which is generally required in setting the traditional setup of camping tents. In fact, a child can also set this tent.

You will get one tent but can use it for dual purpose. The tent has a rain fly and this rain fly is detachable and can be used separately as the pavilion for some other purposes like beaching and fishing. Each side has a door. So, you will have easy access to get inside the tent and you will have excellent ventilation. Moreover, the presence of mesh windows keeps the flow of breezes inside the tent. The mesh windows will keep the bugs out from the tent.

The tent is ideal for 2 adults. Either a king size or Queen size mattress can fit inside the tent easily.

Pros and Cons

  • The tent is a durable one. It is ideal for all kinds of weather conditions.
  • No efforts are required for setup. In fact, effortless disassembly is there.
  • Presence of sturdy fiberglass skeleton.
  • It is completely waterproof.
  • There is a detachable rainfly.
  • Center height is low so it might be a problem for tall people.

2. ALPHA CAMP Dome Tent for Car Camping

Tent Name: ALPHA CAMP Dome Tent for Camping Easy Setup Tent with Foot Mat

ALPHA CAMP Dome Tent for Camping Easy Setup Tent with Foot Mat

The tent is quick easy to set up. Hence, one can set the tent in 5 minutes. So, easy assembly is there. The tent has extra storage space. It is a lightweight tent. So carrying this is not an issue. Even, it is the best one to use as the car camping tent.

ALPHA CAMP Dome Tent is the durable car camping tent and it is the perfect choice of an occasional camping trip in light rain weather and in fair weather.

If you already have a budget for the car camping tent, then it is a budget-friendly tent. It will be the right one for you.

Presence of mud mat and rainfly, the tent will provide you excellent protection. It will keep you dry and comfy.

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  • Brand Name: Alpha Camp
  • Weight: 9.6 pounds
  • Size: : 8.5 x 7.5 ft (259 x 229 cm)
  • Metal: NA
  • Color: NA


The tent is spacious as it measures 9ft * 7 ft with a center height of 59 inches. It is perfect to accommodate 4 persons. 2 full-size airbeds can fit inside the tent.

One can keep the small necessities in the mesh pockets as these mesh pockets are available on the walls of the tent. So, now your necessities will not get trampled.

The tent also has electrical port access. Hence, one can keep all his devices powered on with this electrical port access. If it is not used at a time, then one can close the port as this port is fully closable.

Presence of high-grade fiberglass pole will give you nice and strong protection against nice wind. The tent has a mud mat to keep the floor of the tent clean. In fact, the presence of reflective tent rope is suitable for night camping.

There are a large overhead mesh pocket and side pockets. These will help you in keeping the stuff in an organized manner.

The tent is made up of durable material. It is made up of polyester taffeta fabric that has eco-friendly PU coating. This makes sure that the tent has anti-UV features.

This tent has sealed flysheet and it will aid in blocking moisture.

The tent is a unique one in terms of mesh material the tent possess.

Pros and Cons

  • The tent has WeatherTec technology. So, the tent is an ideal one for using during rain. You will not get wet when you sleep on the floor.
  • It is lightweight. So, even kids can handle this.
  • The tent has large windows and a ground vent. It also has great ventilation. So, the tent will keep the movement of warm air inside the tent to make you fresh during summer.
  • Even, setting this tent up is easy and fast. It will take around 10 minutes.
  • It is ideal for light winds and breezes.
  • The tent has a 1-year guarantee and this thing makes the tent a good one.
  • This tent is not suitable for strong winds.

3. SEMOO Family Tent for Car Camping

Tent Name: SEMOO Family Tent for Camping, Water Resistant Many Persons Lightweight with Carry Bag

SEMOO Family Tent for Car Camping

SEMOO is known for its manufacture, distribution and design of camping tents. It is of a high-quality tent. Its main focus is on providing maximum comfort and they must enjoy nature while camping.

It is also a family dome tent and it is also a winter tent. The tent is designed in such a way that it will keep the warm air inside the tent. It will keep the cool air outside the tent. So, the tent is extremely good at handling the extremely cold weather.

This one is good for hiking. It’s lightweight provides the facility to carry the tent easy. However, one can expect that this one heavy as the material used for manufacturing is quite heavy in weight. But, surprisingly it is lightweight. One can easily use it as a backpack. It is the best tent to made up from such heavy material and still, the tent is light.

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  • Brand Name: SEMOO
  • Weight: 7.3 lbs
  • Size: 96.5 X 55 in rainfly size, 88.6 X 92.6 X 55 in inner size, 16.5 X 7.1 X 5.5 in packing size
  • Metal: NA
  • Color: NA


It is lightweight. The tent is made up of thick material so it is supposed to be heavy. But, surprisingly it is lightweight. Thus, it can be easily used as backpacking. You will not find such a high-quality tent with this material and lightweight.

The tent has a high-strength fiber 3D frame. It will keep the tent in the right place. The shape of this tent is designed in such a way that it resists the drought. Its material is waterproof and it will keep the rainwater away from your tent. You need not worry about getting soaked in rains. It will keep you safe.

The tent is ideal for the winter season as it retains the temperature inside the tent. But when the weather is hot, then it is not a perfect choice. The tent is of high-quality.

As the tent is waterproof, so you will not take tension when it starts to drizzle. It is a sturdy tent. This tent is handy in various situations.

Pros and Cons

  • It is a waterproof season. The tent is the best 4 person tent.
  • This tent is lightweight.
  • The tent is great as it keeps warm inside the tent.
  • It is available at a budget-friendly price.
  • The tent is easy to set up.
  • It is durable.
  • This tent is large. It will fit your family easily.
  • It is a terrible tent for the summer season. So, do not use it in the summer season.

4. Browning Camping Hawthorne 4-Person Tent

Browning Camping Hawthorne 4-Person Tent

It is an affordable tent. The tent is a reliable one too. It is a freestanding car camping tent. The tent has two doors along with a fly that has 2 small awnings. The process to set the tent up is easy and simple.

Browning Camping Hawthorne 4-Person Tent is for the four-person. However, there is another model too that supports 6 people. The tent is a 3 pole structure. The tent has two doors and an awning but without any vestibules.

Presence of clips to the frame makes the tent freestanding one. This feature makes this tent to stand on all kinds of terrain. So, pitching this one any land is not the issue with you.

Capacity wise, it can accommodate 4 sleeping pads on its ground. As fly is without any vestibules, so this car camping tent is suitable for the couples only.

However, in terms of weight, one will find this tent as a heavy one. It weighs around 5.1 kg (11lb 4 oz). So, it is suitable for a car camping tent.

In fact, its packed size is 24 x 7 inches (61 x 18 cm). Hence, you can easily transport this tent on your motorbike and bicycle also.

In terms of climate-wise, the tent is a 2-season. It is best suitable for summer, early autumn and late spring. You will find the mesh sections on the sides of the tent. On the top also, you will have the mesh. So, one will get the vertical airflow.

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  • Brand Name: Browning Camping Hawthorne
  • Weight: 11 lb 4 oz (5.1 kg).
  • Size: 24 x 7 in (61 x 18 cm) (Packed size)
  • Metal: Fiberglass
  • Color: NA


The tent will give you no stress in setting this up. There are fiberglass poles. The tent has 2 windows along with the 2 doors. Presence of 2 doors will give you the feature of easy entry and exit. The fly of this tent has an awning.

Doors of the tent have mesh sections. Therefore, the tent has excellent ventilation. In hot and muggy weather, ventilation will not be the issue.

As these mesh areas will not allow you to capture the warmth, you cannot use this one in the cold season.

There are three poles and all of them are made up of fiberglass that is 11mm diameter. These poles are shock-corded and they are with aluminum ferrules. The poles are thick and heavy. However, the third one is a little short than the other two. It is on the top. The third pole creates a small awning on both of the doors.

The fabric of the tent is 75D 185T polyester fly that is with 1500 mm coating. So, the tent is resistant to UV damage. Hence you will get UV protection. This material is also used on the floor. All seams of this tent are factory-sealed.

The tent is a waterproof one. There are zippers and they are of #8. You will get the mesh storage pockets. In this, gear loft is also included. The tent also includes guy ropes. There are 8 inches of steel stakes.

Pros and Cons

  • It is easy to set the tent.
  • The tent is freestanding one.
  • Gear loft is included in the tent.
  • 2 doors in the tent provide east entry and exit.
  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • Absence of full coverage fly.

5. Person Tent Wilderness Lodge Car Camping Tents

Person Tent Wilderness Lodge – Dome Style Vestibule For Added Element Protection

4 Person Tent Wilderness Lodge - Dome Style Vestibule For Added Element Protection

It is a camping tent for 4 people and its dome shape provides maximum space inside the tent. For the convenience of people, vestibules are present in front. The tent has also included gear loft. There are windows that have zippered flaps and can be opened for additional ventilation.

The tent also has a unique Barrier Bathtub-Style Floor which is made up of rugged and Abrasion-Resistant Oxford Polyester.

Its rainfly is featuring Dry Safe Technology. The tent has a compact roll size as well as pre-tied storm guy lines. It has 1200 mm waterproof coating along with factory taped seams.

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  • Brand Name: Wilderness Lodge
  • Weight: NA
  • Size: Dimensions: 9′ X 7′. Vestibule: 9′ X 4′. Peak Height: 64″
  • Metal: NA
  • Color: NA

Pros and Cons

  • Presence of Dry Safe Technology is there.
  • It has a unique Barrier Bathtub-Style Floor.
  • Zippered windows.
  • Excellent ventilation is present inside the tent.
  • It is not specified that for which season it is perfect.


It is very important to pick the right car camping tent for you as the tent will host you on your camping. Choosing wisely will make sure that the tent is serving your needs as it features will match with your requirements. When you choose the car camping tent, keep some points in your mind as your requirements and needs will help you in picking the best one for you.

It will be really helpful if you consider some factors like interior space, floor space, weatherproof, user-friendliness, versatility, comfort, safety, price, material and extra features. All these elements will help you in deciding which camping tent is serving you with its best features.

Quality of the tent is important as it will ensure the durability of your tent. The strength of the tent will contribute towards your safety and comfort. Extra features will aid you in keeping the things and gear in an organized manner.

Regardless of all these points, the main thing is the price of the tent. Keep your budget in your mind while selecting the one for your camping. It is the value of your money for the lifespan of the car camping tent. Pick a suitable one.



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