6 Best Family Camping Tents 2020 HQ Review

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Camping is a pleasant and adventurous experience. To make it comfortable, you surely need a Family Camping Tent. These camping tents come in all shapes and sizes. One need to select the one as per his requirement. From a single person to 12 person camping tents are available in the market. So, one can choose the camping tent of any size. These are essential to carry during camping as these provide shelter.

When you have a large group for camping, then you definitely need a large camping tent. So, choosing one will give you a nice experience. There are many brands available in this category but choosing the one is a daunting task. Hence, we have chosen some of the Best Family Camping Tents.

Best Family Camping Tents

Best Family Camping Tents 2020 List


1. Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Camping Tent

6 Best Family Camping Tents 2020 HQ Review

It is an outstanding large camping tent. It has plenty of space inside it to give shelter to a large family. In fact, 2 smaller families can accommodate themselves easily in this tent. The tent has sufficient headroom. This tent can be divided in to three rooms. Setting up of the tent is quick and easy. Hence, you will not have any issues in setting this tent. The tent has Weather Tec System of company. So, inside of the tent will keep you dry in the extreme circumstances.

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Pros and Cons

  • Interior space is 170 sq foot, so there is no problem in accommodating a bigger group.
  • The tent comes with optimal dividers. So, you can have your won privacy.
  • Its WeatherTec rainfly will keep you dry.
  • It is not very attractive.
  • Its zippers are delicate so, you need to treat them very gently.

2. Coleman 8 person Instant Tent Family Camping Tents

6 Best Family Camping Tents 2020 HQ Review

This tent is waterproof. It also has lots of inside space. Queen sized air mattresses can easily fit inside it. When you have a group of 8 people, then this tent will serve you with best interests. In fact, it is too easy to set the tent. Hence, it is just a matter of a few minutes and you will have your tent ready for you. In addition, it also has optional dividers to respect your privacy. The height of the tent will give you sufficient space to stand inside of it. When the weather is not ideal, no need to worry. You will remain dry. Its cubicle layout permits maximum airflow.

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Pros and Cons

  • The tent has a removable divider.
  • In a few minutes, you will have shelter ready for you.
  • It has thick walls.
  • You can inside of the tent without any problem.
  • For the first time users, it is a great option.
  • It stays dry.
  • The tent is durable
  • There is no electrical cord port.

3. Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent

Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent

The tent can accommodate up to 10 people. It is a perfect one for a large ?‍?‍?‍? family. The tent has two doors. Hence, the entry and exit makes it easy in the tent. There are many windows. So, airflow is nice. Hence, the ventilation is excellent. Its unique design provides enough space. Hence, inside the tent, there is lots of storage space. The exterior material of the tent is waterproof. One can also divide the tent into two rooms.

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Pros and Cons

  • It has two doors.
  • There is a lot of space.
  • Weatherproof
  • The tent can be divided into 2 rooms.
  • There is lots of storage space.
  • Presence of large vents and windows.
  • Setting up is easy and quick.
  • NA

4. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Large Camping Tent


It stands in between the deluxe tent and bare-bones tent. The tent has rectangular design along a midpoint which tapers downwards. You will find it easy to set the rainfly. In fact, it is also easy to remove the same. So, ventilation is not an issue with this tent. The venting system will quickly remove the stale air in an efficient manner. Hence, suffocation will not be there. People can set the tent in just a few minutes. So set up is easy.

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Pros and Cons

  • Interior space is great.
  • The water repellent fabric is used that has H2O Block to keep you dry.
  • The venting system is effective. So, you will feel fresh even when the tent is full.
  • Presence of built-in lantern hook along with the gear loft.
  • Larger rainfly is preferred.

5. Browning Camping Big Horn Family Tent

Big Horn Two-Room Browning Camping Tent

It is a huge tent. This tent has a larger space for a larger group. It is a freestanding tent. Hence, you can move easily inside the tent easily. The tent is durable. Inside the tent, you will find storage pockets. In fact, the tent has a divider to provide privacy. Enough ventilation is present in between windows and door.

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Pros and Cons

  • The tent has freestanding design.
  • There are lots of storage pockets.
  • Proper ventilation is present.
  • There is plenty of room.
  • Freestanding design.
  • May face issues in windy conditions. It will move a bit in windy weather.

6. NTK Laredo GT 8-9 Person Large Camping Tent

NTK Laredo GT 8-9 Person Large Camping Tent

The tent has excellent ventilation and is quite effective in rain protection. It comes with the heavy duty carrying bag. So, it provides easy transport.

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Pros and Cons

  • Its height is 6 feet, so taller persons can easily accommodate inside of it.
  • In the hottest summer days as well as in nights, ventilation is superb. You will feel cool and airy.
  • Full coverage rainfly.
  • The floor is of seamless polyurethane which is infused with the anti-fungal properties.
  • It is not lightweight. So, one may face problem during camping as it is not easy to carry a heavy one.


There are many popular brands in the category of Best Family Camping Tents. So, one should do a little bit of research. After R&D only, the individual must identify his own preferences. Now, as per the requirements, you must decide the large camping tent. There are some features which must be considered while deciding the right one for you. You must definitely give preference to set up feature of the tent. There are some other features too like ventilation, waterproof and so on. These features will help you in making the right choice for camping trip. Hence, select the right one to make the trip pleasurable.



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