21 Unbelievable Amazing Camping Hacks, Which Makes You a Pro

21 Unbelievable Amazing Camping Hacks, Which Makes You a Pro

The camping hacks always make camping a pleasurable experience. It will give you a delightful time on camping. So, here we present some amazing camping hacks to give you an amazing experience of camping.

21 Amazing Camping Hacks

Camping Hacks

1. Make your Pillow

On camping, space is always a big issue. So, instead of packing a pillow with you, make the one on your own by using a pillowcase and the clothes. It is going to be a great alternative for the pillow.

2. Make your Lantern

There is no need to carry a lantern and adding the weight to your luggage. Just make the one on your own by use of a headlamp and a water bottle. Wrap the head strap of the headlamp to the plastic bottle and make it light inwards.

3. Use Tic Tac Container

Use of empty tic tac containers to keep the spices like cinnamon, salt, and pepper as these will help in preventing the spillage in your luggage. In fact, these containers will also not occupy much space in your luggage and there is no need to carry a big amount of spices on camping.

4. Doritos/Fritos as Kindling

If you are facing a problem with fire, no need to but the expensive fire starter sticks as these will be a burden on your pockets. Just grab the packet of either Fritos or Doritos. These are oily and dense corn chips. It is easy to light on fire and surely it will last for a longer time.

In addition, in an emergency also, carve your hunger with these chips.

5. Use Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap

Just replace all your toiletries whether it is foam or liquid with the unscented Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap. It is a natural soap and will be used as the shaving cream, mouthwash, body wash and shampoo. Even, you can use this one as the laundry detergent and dish soap. This is free from any chemicals. It is biodegradable. So, use it without fear of causing any harm to the environment.

6. DIY Shower

Here you need a large jug and watering can for making a shower for you at the campsite. Get yourself refreshed and enjoy camping.

7. Use of Microfibre Towels

When you carry the equipment, weight is the major issue of camping. So, instead of using normal towels, use microfibre towels as these are lightweight and will not add weight to your luggage. In fact, these are also quick in drying. Moreover, the use of these will also reduce wastage. Use of paper towels just adds wastage.

8. Compact Cooking Sets

It is easy to bring the compact cooking sets along with the mess kits in order to get things handy at the campsite. These are easily stack and durable in nature. In fact, you can also use it for multipurpose. Even, you will not have issues with these as these are easy to clean and re-packing is also simple and easy.

9. Wrap Duct tapes

Wrapping duct tapes around the water bottles will serve you in case of emergencies as you never know when you have a situation to use them.

10. Get the Block Ice

When you like to save money on getting ice for the cooler, then do not opt for individual ice cubes. Choose the large ice block. It is a great idea as the surface area of the ice block is less than individual ice cubes. In fact, it also melts slowly.

11. Use the Acorn Cap

If you get lost, then you can use an Acron Cap as this serves as the whistle.

12. Keep the checklist

It is important to keep all the necessary things. So, maintaining a checklist will help you not to forget any important thing about camping. The checklist will help you in planning. Preparing the one will help in packing and unpacking on the camping. In addition, it will also aid you with repacking at the campsite.

The checklist must have the following items.

  • Sleeping bag
  • Lighter
  • Microfiber towels
  • compact sleeping pads
  • Headlamp
  • Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap
  • Small Cookware set
  • Mini first aid kit
  • portable charger
  • stove

13. Portable Espresso Machine

The coffee lovers must make sure that they have a portable hand-held espresso machine. This one has the detachable cup. So, enjoy your coffee without any disturbance.

14. Sandpapers

Always keep the sandpapers in handy places so that these can be easily found when you need to light the matches.

15. Use the bottle as the spoon

It is very easy to turn the water bottle into a spoon by simply cutting it. So, you no need to carry extra spoons and add on your weight. Just use some empty water bottles and cut it in such a manner that, it serves you like a spoon.

16. Get the Mini Soap Bars

Make the use of vegetable peeler and make mini soap bars for single use only from the soap. It will save money and will not create a mess.

17. Candle Wax

You can use the candle wax as the sipper lubricant and rub it along the sleeping bag as well as tent zippers.

18. Add Sage

Adding bundles of sage to your campfire will help you with staying away from mosquitoes. In fact, it will also make the surrounding of the campfire scented. They will definitely ward off the nasty mosquitoes from your surroundings and you can have a great night at the campsite.

19. Eggs

It is a nice idea to store the eggs in a water bottle. Get the scrambled eggs on camping. Just pre-scramble the yolks and whites. Pour the mixture into a mason jar. With this hack, you are not required to carry either a whisk or extra bowls.

20. HotHands Air Activated Warmers

When you go for winter camping, it is necessary to keep yourself warm. So, make use of the HotHands Air Activated Warmers in the sleeping bag to keep you warm at the night.

21. Use Deodorants

Use your deodorants in order to deal with itchiness as these are effective for combat itchiness.

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These are some easy camping hacks. Trying them will definitely make the things handy at the camping.



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