10 Unique Camping Tips And Tricks You Need Always

Camping Tips And Tricks

Camping is a fun activity and spending your vacation in camping is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. Camping requires lots of energy as well as planning.  There are ways that will make the camping easy in many ways and it will be surely less stressful. There is no need to spend your money on fancy equipment and gear of camping.

One of the most important for camping, is tent. So choose your camping tent carefully. Read our ultimate buying guide before buy.

10 Camping Tips And Tricks

Camping Tips And Tricks


Camping lanterns will be really very helpful in keeping the camping site illuminated. Some of you may wish to get the light as you step in the tent. You can also make the light softer one and diffuse it by using a gallon of water and a headlamp.

Solar Lights

It is sure you need to go to the bathroom at night. No one wishes to go out of the tent in the dark. It is essential to get the light so that you know where you are going. When you know in the dark where you are going, things become a little easy. Get yourself some light by placing outdoor solar lights near the tent.

It will be charged during the day time and can be used during the night. Just avoid the midnight misshapen and accidents.

Campfire Cones

Enjoy the dessert on a camping trip. Get the campfire cones as the camping dessert for your kids. Making the camping dessert is also an easy thing to do. You just need to get the waffle cone and fill it with a favorite combo of sweet treats and fruits.

After that, just wrap these cones with the foil. Now, at the time of camping, place these on the coals of the fire. Place the cones on the coals only for 5-10 minutes. The additions can be sliced bananas, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips.

Scavenger Hunt

Most of the campers plan for the bike rides and hikes during camping. For kids also, camping can be an entertainment activity. Just start the scavenger hunt with them and to motivate the kids, it will be nice to offer some treat to the kids who will have the most of nature-themed items.

Make the scavenger hunt card. State the card items to the kids and start the fun during day on camping.


On camping, the preference is to make the easy breakfast. Then what can be better than scrambled eggs? Just make the entire process of making scrambled eggs easy with the help of your mason jar. In the jar, crack the eggs and just keep the mason jar in your cooler.

When you are ready to use these eggs, take them out and prepare your delicious meal. Shake the mason jar vigorously and pour it into the pan. No fuss and no muss.

Mini Survival Kit

We carry the first aid kit whenever we go out for a trip. But most of the time, we forget it in the car or at the campsite. So, always prepare the emergency kit, It will be quite useful as it is very easy to keep the small emergency kit with you. You can keep it with you all the times.

You can make any of these first aid kits:

Kit 1:

Kit must be handy and it will make you handle injuries and minor aches like scrapes, cuts, blisters, bruises and headaches easily. It contains:

  • Hand cleaning wipes
  • Alcohol prep wipes
  • Gauze pads
  • Bacitracin ointment
  • Ibuprofen
  • Moleskin patches
  • Bandaids
  • Butterfly Closures

Kit 2:

Wardrobe malfunction happens sometimes. So, keeping a sewing kit will repair small holes and tears.

It contains:

  • Threads of various colors
  • Safety pins
  • Needles
  • Scissors
  • Thimble
  • Needle Threader
  • Seam Ripper

Kit 3: Emergency Candle

However, it may not be very useful. But it is necessary to have the candles with you. Candles can burn for many hours. So, it will be there with you when you require heat and light.

Kit 4: Wilderness Survival Kit

When you are participating in any of the outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking and so on, keep the wilderness survival kit with you and it makes the good sense. It will help you in navigating the way and starting the fire.

This kit contains:

  • Rubber Bands
  • Dryer Lint
  • Fire Starter
  • Compass
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Ibuprofen
  • Whistle
  • Signaling Mirror
  • Flashlight
  • Water purification tablets


Apart from the scrambled eggs, pancakes are also another favorite option for breakfast. For camping, get the shake and pour style homemade pancake batter.

When you are all set to make the breakfast for you, just add the water in the batter along with the egg. Shake the mixture. Pour the mixture on the pan.

Battle Bug Bites

Mosquitoes on camping are really very irritating. There is no doubt that on camping you need to deal with these. No matters, how effective mosquito repellent is, in the end, any one of you will surely have the mosquito bite.

To prevent yourself from the mosquito bite, making the paracord bracelet will be useful. However, infuse the bracelet with the citronella essential oil which is mosquito repellent. It is quite an effective one.

Fire Starters

It is really tricky to start campfires. Especially, when the wood and fire ring get damp. The entire process of fire starting will become so easy if you bring some of the homemade fire starters with you on camping. Start with cleaning the lint trap in the dryer and stuffing the lint in paper toilet tube. Stack the logs and just place your fire starters near the stack. Now, light this.

Other Tips

Put your mobile phone in the ceramic mug and it will amplify. In fact, you can also cut the holes in plastic cups in order to make the portable speakers. After cutting, attach these to end of the empty towel. After that cut the slot in the middle and now it’s the time to insert your phone and start the music.

Save the battery of your mobile phones by canceling the auto updates. Also turn off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

Enjoy the camping with these simple and easy camping trips and tricks.


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