13 Advanced Tips to Camping With Dogs 2019 (Complete Guide)

Camping with Dogs

Taking your family for camping does not mean that you need to leave your lovely dog. You can surely camping with Dogs and it does not need any extra heavy preparation. A little preparation along with the additional supplies will make the camping trip ready for your dog.

Once you are done with your checklist for camping, start with the dog checklist to making camping experience pleasurable for both of you. Here, we have covered some of the best ideas for your pet.

Whether you are going to a sunny beach or lush forest, the next adventure will not be the torture for your pet.

Best Camping with Dogs Tips and Ideas

Camping with Dogs

1. Get the travel bed

The travel bed will make your dog comfortable. They will get a cozy feeling. Even, after the camping trip, these are washable.

2. Keep The Bigs Away

It will be good to apply tick and flea prevention. Even, you must make sure that the pet has heartworm prevention. Checking all these before leaving for camping trips will assure that the bugs will stay away from the dog and you will not have any issues.

3. Check with your dog’s vet

Before leaving your house for camping, it will be good to get the checkup of dog. Ask the vet about the requirement of any vaccination such as Lyme or Leptospirosis vaccine. These are generally recommended while traveling to some specific areas.

4. Bring Usual dog treats and food

Do not try anything new in terms of food and dog treats as dogs might not like them and this will create a problem for you. Therefore, bring only the usual food that they eat regularly. Dogs sometimes are not a very big fan of abrupt changes while traveling.

5. Buy a Bigger Tent

If you have plans to take your dog on camping with you, then surely you will keep the dog outside of the tent. So, you definitely require a big camping tent that can accommodate your family along with the pet. It will help you in keeping all you lovable along your side.

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Choosing the wrong tent size will let you squeeze all the campers during the night and it will be seriously very uncomfortable to sleep in such a manner. At least in the night, we all want to have a sound and proper sleep. Hence, a bigger tent will give you sufficient space for your family members, friends and dog.

6. Secure the dog’s tag

Before leaving for a camping trip, it is your responsibility to check the collar wearing by the dog is fitted and has some identity, in case the dog is lost, it can be found. In fact, checking the microchip of the dog is also needed and you must update all the necessary information in it.

7. Pack Smart

There is no doubt going outside will let your pet have lots of fun. At the same time, he will surely get dirty and there is no way you can prevent this. During camping, it is not possible to have all things ready to keep the dig neat and clean.

Hence, it will be good to keep some dog wipes and dry shampoo with you. These will aid you in cleaning the dog.

8. Get yourself prepare for an emergency

On camping, vets are not going to available. In fact, nearby also there will be no vet available to help you. So, you need to prepare yourself in advance in case you have some emergency on camping.

Hence, be smart and pack the first aid kit. But it should be for the dogs. Get yourself familiarize with basic first aid kit and let help your dog in case of any emergencies arising on camping.

It will be good to enhance your knowledge about toxic plants. In fact, it will be good to do some research on toxic plants before leaving for camping. The research will help you will get an idea about the presence of toxic plants at your camping site. These toxic plants may cause health issues or vomiting problems in dogs.

9. Prepare Your Car

It will be good you pick the dog car seat cover while going camping as it will aid in keeping the car neat and clean. Moreover, it will also offer to provide a comfortable zone for the dogs on the roads.

But, one must check the car entirely to remove any stash present in the car as it will be the snack for your dog.

10. Hide all hot dogs

A sick dog is very hard to deal with on camping. In fact, it will spoil your entire trip. So, it will be wise to keep the burgers, sausages and other human food away from the dogs.

Moreover, one must hide the garbage from the pets. All these things will help you in enjoying the camping without getting worried about the dog entire time.

11. Look at the dog’s feet

At the bedtime, check the dog’s feet and if any twigs and burrs are present, then remove it. These are responsible for causing irritation in them. Removing these will let you save your dogs from irritation.

12. Keep the dog on a leash

Dogs generally use to listen to the homes but when they are near to nature, it is not necessary that they will listen to you. Nature comes in vibrant colors and this has a reflective accent on the behavior of the dog. Hence, attaching the dog’s leash to D-ring clip will be a good idea.

13. Be strict for drinking from Creeks and Puddles

Keep the dogs away from drinking water from puddle and creeks as these may have harmful bacteria. Hence, get the travel pet bowl and keep the bowl filled with fresh water.

After camping trip, check the dog carefully to see any bites, cuts, rashes and ticks. If the dog is showing any sign of illness, then consult the vet immediately.

Camping with dogs is no longer a barrier for you. But just make sure that you do some research on the camping trip to have the best experience of camping with the dog.



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