9 Best Ways to Choose a Camping Chair [Buying Guide]

camping chair buying guide

When you need a camping chair, them we picture as a heavy folding chair. In addition, we need a carry case to take it with us. Moreover, get the slung to hang it over your shoulder. However, the preference is to get convenience at camping. Thus, to enjoy the weekend lounging either on a beach or a campground, we want the best product.

The market has many options as there are different kinds of styles and types. But the price of the camping chair varies. One can pick these camping chairs from any shop, whether it is a grocery store or a general shopping centre. So, the outdoor store is not the only option to buy the camping chair.

All the camping chairs are not equal, whether it is price or features. So, get the chair which suits the needs of the camping chair. The camping chairs are handy. One can use at car camp and beach. In fact, enjoy the backyard barbecues.

It is essential to pick the right and best for you. But the thing is how to choose the right camping chair to match your needs. Be ready for the challenge and start selecting the right camping chair to match your requirements.

The look of the chair must not judge these chairs, In fact, one must see the durability, ease of assembly, comfort and portability.o

9 Points to Choose a Camping Chair

Choose a Camping Chair

1. Camp Chair Styles

Low Chairs: These are good for both sand and uneven ground. The chairs are less tippy in comparison to the higher chairs. So, it is one of the great options to accompany you on the camping when you have issues for height limits on back of chairs.

Scoop Chairs: The scoop chairs do not have any distinction in between the seat and back.

Rockers and Gliders: It works best on the even ground, and it possesses pairing of ricking and kicking back.

Classic camp chairs: The chairs have four legs and a flat seat along with the straight back. These are high and stable. So, these offer comfort zone while you stand up from the chair.

Three-legged chairs: These are like camp stools. They have a back as well as a seat. Obviously, the weight of these ones is less than the four-legged chairs.

Suspended Chair: These will let you swing a little. In addition, you need not take tension even if you use this one on the uneven ground.

2. Different Camping Location

Not all camping chairs are suited for all the camping locations. Each camping location has its own demands and requirements.

When you are at the beach, what could be more fun than enjoying water splash over your face and body? It will be great to read, lounge and sunbathe on the beach. In such cases, the camping chair with low height and enabling you to soak the feet in the water will be the ideal one.

For beach camping, one with aluminum frames will be suitable as it is lightweight. Thus, you can easily carry it anywhere. In addition, if it has the canopy attached to it, then it is a bonus for you. So, you will get the protection against the Sun too.

3. Height

However, choosing a higher height camping chair can be useful for other purposes too.

When you are all set to have camped in your RV, then buying comfortable along with the fancy one is a right choice. Moreover, the camping chair must have the recliner function, cup holder and storage pockets. All these features enhance the overall comfort of the camping chair.

In fact, a rocking chair is also a great product to own as it will provide you relaxation along with a high level of comfort.

As you go with more features, it will add the weight to the camping chair, so a big and weight camping chair is no use in backpacking.

At the countryside camping where you wish for fishing or attending concerts, opting for light and portable chair is a suitable choice for you.

4. The material of the Camping Chair

There is a wide range of equipment in the camping chair. So, you can choose any material as per your needs. However, most of the camping chairs have a body frame and aluminum legs. The aluminum one has high strength. In addition, the aluminium prevents the rust as it is featuring the property of corrosion-resistance.

In addition, most of the camping chairs have armrests and seats. These are of rip-stop-nylon fabric. This fabric has many features. Thus, this fabric provides water-resistance capability. In addition, it also offers durability. So, the material enhances the longevity of the camping chair.

In fact, some popular brands are also using closed-cell foam padding. This is for providing extra cushioning and support. In comparison to the nylon, this one is far durable. However, both of these fabrics increases the life of the camping chair.

5. Portability

This one is an important feature to consider while you buy a camping chair. Portability is an essential feature for the outdoor adventure. Therefore, for the convenience of transport, one must opt for light as well as a sturdy chair.

However, the camping chair must be rugged as well as well-padded. But it must be compact enough to carry it with yourselves easily. You must choose the one comfortable in carrying and storing. These factors of taking the camping chair quickly and storing it without occupying must space are essential things to consider.

The best camping chair will surely be convenient for transport. Moreover, they should come up with a carry case. And the carry case must have either the straps or handle.

In addition, when it is packed down, the packing must be small. Portable camping chairs are the best choice when you go out for outdoor adventures.

6. Weight

Another important key to look into the camping chair is the weight. While buying a camping chair, one must not ignore this factor. Imagine yourself when you need to carry the heavy equipment and gear for very long distances. Admittedly, it will give you a backache. Besides, it will also cause lots of inconveniences.

Thus, consider the weight of the camping chair before buying any camping chair.

However, opting for those weighing a maximum of 2 pounds is an ideal decision. In fact, if the weight is less than 2 pounds, then it will be the best camping chair for you. Chairs with less than 2 pounds can help you in carrying them anywhere without hurting your back.

However, if you are going on a car camping trip, then you can opt for the heavy ones. The heavy camping chairs come with more features. If the campsite is at the shorter distance, then also you can opt for the heavy camping chairs.

Luxurious camping chairs have more features and usually have around 5 pounds in weight.

7. Weight Capacity

All the camping chairs of different brands can not hold the same amount of weight. Therefore, you must check the weight capacity before buying a camping chair. The camping chair must hold the weight without putting any kind of strain on it. The chair must carry the weight of a person easily.

Generally, a camping chair is designed in such a way that it can hold in between 225 pounds to 500 pounds. So, before buying a one, always check the weight holding capacity of the camping chair.

If you want to put some extra weight on these chairs, then always opt for the XL chair. Opt for those which can hold more weight easily.

8. Price

Price matters a lot. However, expensive camping chair does not assure the guarantee of high quality. Each person has its own budget as well as preferences. So, buy the one which is matching with your needs. Hence, it is not necessary to buy the expensive one.

Thus, you should buy the one that matches your preferences. Even your needs can be fulfilled by a cheaper one too. There are all possibilities.

9. Extra Features

When you are not interested in getting more features in a camping chair, then it is excellent that you go with the minimalist camping chair. But, on the other have, if you wish to have extra relaxation, then you must take a look at the following features:

  • Storage Pockets
  • Canopies
  • Wheels
  • Detachable Footrests
  • Extended Pads
  • Bottle Opener
  • Cooler
  • Head Pads

However, all these features will surely add weight. When you go hiking, then a heavy one is not the ideal choice.


You will not find the one camping chair which is best for everyone. These camping chairs come with lots of options, such as shapes and sizes. In fact, these camping chairs offer multiple functions. Therefore, take your time to find the best one that suits your needs and requirements. Search for the one that has the preferred features.

Whenever you decide to buy a camping chair, go through all these points as these will help you in getting the best to give you the most pleasurable outdoor experience.

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