Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Lighted Camping Tent Review

Coleman Elite Montana

Coleman Tent for Camping or Coleman Elite Montana Tent with Easy Setup is a huge tent when compared with other tents that are available in the market, usually, they are for two or four people. This tent is for eight people.

Coleman Elite Montana

Furthermore, this camping tent can be set up in 15 minutes or less. This tent has a huge room to fir 8 people or in other words three queen size beds which is amazing, this will serve as a party tent for 2 families together. It has inbuilt LED tent light which has 3 settings high, low, nightlight which you can change according to the light and atmosphere outside.

Moreover, the tent is waterproof, it comes with traps, a backpack which is waterproof as well. It comes with 2-oz. bottle with foam applicator pad which is highly useful, it doesn’t even require any mixing.

Along with Its built-in LED lighting system, there are overhead illumination bright lights for reading books, planning your next day hike along with the map, the light can be set to nightlight  mode so it doesn’t affect others sleeping.

Furthermore, this lightning is CPX® 6 compatible which allows you to easily transfer source of power to tent lightning from a Coleman® CPX® 6 lantern.

In addition, it comes with an extended door awning which creates a dry space, other than the storage inside this place can help store the gear. There is a rainfly which helps keep the tent dry from rains.

Additionally, the WeatherTec™ system along with the patented welded floors and inverted seams ensures that you are always dry inside the tent. It comes with angled windows, these help you with air circulation even when it is raining. You can use the windows during rain time as well.

Would you believe the additional auto roll window will open automatically when it is hot inside to balance temperature. There is a hinged door at the start of the tent which makes it easy to enter the tent as well as exit. It has storage packets, so you have organized tent always and the small items are always in place.

Also, the setup of the tent is snag free as it has the ping and ring patented system which when used with continuous pole sleeves wouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to set up the tent. When it’s time to pack it is easy to pack the tent into an expandable bag that comes with the tent.

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Coleman Elite Montana Pros and Cons

  • Built-in LED lighting system is a major hit in this tent.
  • Different modes are available for lightning according to your mood. The switches are on the wall and you don’t even have to move.
  • Rechargeable cartridge compatible, CPX® 6 compatible battery cartridge.
  • The runtime is also high. It runs for 26 hours on high, 42 hours on low, 5 hours on the nightlight.
  • The dry area created by extended door awning
  • Entry and exit from tent through hinged doors, extended storage in the dry area.
  • Patented welded floors by WeatherTec™ system ping and ring patented system.
  • Windows that you can use even while it is raining.
  • Ventilation through the ground vent.
  • Included rainfly
  • Enough room to fit three queen beds.
  • 1-year Warranty.
  • Great auto air circulation is available with auto roll windows.
  • 3 Season’s Tent.
  • The angled windows, when opened during rain time, do wet the tent.
  • Seems are a little weak.


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