Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Outdoor Tent (Review)

Coleman Weather Master 10-Person Outdoor Tent

Coleman Weathermaster 10 person tent is enough big tent for a large group of people going camping. Coleman Weathermaster tent is a perfect tent for summer camp. It has got enough space for ten people to sleep.

Coleman is a well-known brand that provides high-quality products. The Coleman Weathermaster 10 person is also high quality and reliable product from the Coleman brand. The quality is competent enough to use the merchandise outside in all three seasons.

Coleman Weathermaster 10 person tent comes with the two-room facility, which gives enough space for ten people. This tent is a good option for a family outing with many members or a big group of friends.

Setting up of Coleman Weathermaster tent is easy and straightforward. It requires only two people to set up the shelter. One person can set up a tent, but it will take time for one person to do it alone. If you follow instructions, it makes it easier and faster to set up a tent.

The tent is single-layered, so this feature makes it less bulky in weight. Most of the tents are heavy in weight because of double-layered material. But as it is single-layered, it is not fit to use in the winter season. It won’t help to keep inside warmer when you are outdoor.

For proper ventilation, it comes with inverted end windows. These windows allow fresh air to get inside for adequate ventilation, even in hot days. Its vari flow adjustable ventilation system helps you stay relaxed and comfortable inside the tent.

Coleman Weathermaster tent is a waterproof tent. It will keep you dry in the rainy season. But the tent is not designed for storms or bad weather. Although it will be manageable in windy weather but not meant for monsoon and the strong windy season. Basically, it is a summer camping tent. So it is best to use this tent in the summer season.

The durability of the Coleman Weathermaster tent is appreciable. It is quite long-lasting if used carefully. But few things need attention and care like fiberglass pole and shock cords. Apart from these, the manufacturer has made the pole with steel, which is durable enough for the long run.

The best thing about Coleman Weathermaster tent is, it can deal in almost all weather. So overall, the product is an excellent value for money. The price of the product is also reasonable as per the quality and features. The tent is spacious enough for ten adult people to sleep.

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Coleman WeatherMaster 10-person outdoor tent

Pros & Cons

  • The tent is big enough for a big family or for a large group of friends.
  • The quality of Coleman Weathermaster is good. So it is durable and long-lasting for use.
  • Coleman Weatrhermaster comes with waterproof features that keep you dry in the rainy season also.
  • The tent has got a sound ventilation system which is suitable for the summer season.
  • This product is excellent value for money.
  • Coleman Weathermaster is big enough tent, so it takes a minimum of two people to set up the shelter. To set up the tent, it takes around 20 to 30 minutes. So setting up process is time taking.
  • This tent is not meant for winter camping.


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