Coleman 2 Person SunDome Tent Buying Guide Best Review

Coleman 2-Person Sun dome Tent, Green, is one of the best tents available for trekking. Be it weekend camping, holiday or even birthday camping. It has amazing space for all the events. It is one of the best camping equipment available.

In fact, it is not an ordinary camping tent, but it is the best in its range. It is a spacious tent which claims that it fits 2 people, it can also fit 3 people comfortably. It is waterproof as well so you can stay always dry in your tent even when it is raining. It uses the Weather Tec system to keep the tent dry at all times with a guarantee.

Meanwhile, it actually comes with patented corner welds and uses tub floor. In addition to the covered zipper, it always keeps the WATER OUT. It comes with a dome shape design that is one of the safest designs with strong frames that will keep people inside it safe by even withstanding 35+MPH (Miles per Hour) winds.

Furthermore, it comes with an included rainfly for enhanced weather protection from a door awning.  Do not worry about the air circulation as it comes with two windows, a ground vent that helps to keep you comfortable with temperature, air circulation.

After all this, you might think that the setup could be difficult but it isn’t. The setup is very simple and snags free with continuous pole sleeves. It has a very unique, easy, hassle-free pin and ring system that comes with instant clip suspension and all of this is snag free.

Further, it comes with enough room inside. It can actually fit a queen size bed. The tent has pockets for storage. Which are usually used for organizing small items. So no more losing small items during camping.

The color is also amazing as it goes with the surroundings when you are out to experience forests, adventures. Green goes with trees around. When it is a desert safari day, the color stands out, furthermore providing you the advantage of recognizing your tent easily.

Important of all is how to unpack it or how much time does it take to unpack it. With all the above features it does look like it is going to be difficult to pack it

In contrast, it is very easy to pack it up when it is time to head home. The tent comes with an expandable carry bag with a rip strip. The tent can be easily packed into this.

High priority to Safety of customers by keeping it strong enough to withstand 35 MPH wind, it is almost weatherproof.

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Coleman 2 Person SunDome Tent Buying Guide Best Review

Pros and Cons

  • First priority is for Customer comfort, satisfaction
  • It is very easy to set the tent up, very easy to pack that up into an expandable bag.
  • It is the best in its price range.
  • Windows, vent ensure proper air circulation.
  • Pockets for an organized tent.
  • Unique ping and ring system ensure you set up the tent in no time and start enjoying.
  • Amazing floor space inside, spacious and comfortable.
  • Rainfly for sun, rain protection
  • It isn’t available in different colors.
  • The seams are a little weak.

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