12 Best Ultimate Winter Camping Tips 2020 {Infographics}

winter camping tips

There are some essential tips for winter camping. These will make your winter camping a pleasurable one. A look at these will be helpful in making a memorable camping experience.

Winter Camping Tips 2020

winter camping tips


How to Go Winter Camping?

Follow the below ultimate tips and tricks to go for winter camping.

What to Wear Winter Camping?

Wear 3 layers of clothes or thermal underwear, Wool Socks and ski mask-type face covering.

What are the Winter Camping Tips for Staying Warm?

Make sure your sleeping gear is dry. Keep your head covered and stay hydrated.


Winter Camping Tips

Don’t Opt For Crap Gear

Many people go for camping essentials that have some kind of damage to them. These include backpacks, clothes, boots and sleeping pads. Just imagine wearing damaged boots will surely give you sank and cold foot bath.

So, before leaving your house, just check all the essentials once as it will save you from upcoming problems.

Pick the safe spot

While on camping, pick the spot that is free from high wind and avalanche danger.

Stay Hydrated

Take proper nutrition and keeping the body hydrated will keep you warm in cold weather. Make sure that throughout the day, you are keeping yourself hydrated. Enjoy hot and warm breakfast and dinners. Do not miss the lunches and snacks.

Embrace Lithium

Make sure that all your winter electronics are lithium batteries based. Lithium batteries usually perform better than NiMh and alkaline batteries. These last three times longer than the alkaline batteries. Hence, the use of lithium batteries will ensure longer services. In addition, these are lighter than alkaline batteries.


It is really helpful to cover your exposed skin with the vaseline or any other animal fats. So, use of the vaseline will make you less susceptible to frostbite and windburn. Thus, cover the hands, wrists, neck, ears and face.

Flip the Sleeping Pad

When your sleeping pad is not serving the purpose, then put the sleeping pad on the top of the tent. By doing this, it will dry during day time. So, select the sleeping bag that has a black interior. Hence, the black interior will absorb solar energy and will get dry faster.

Use of Vapor Barrier Liner

When you are on camping for more than 7 days, then the use of VBL (Vapor-Barrier-Line) will be a wise decision. Hence, it is a necessity for the sleeping bag. The condensation from the body will freeze inside the upper layer of the sleeping bag. Over time, the sleeping bag will become a frozen solid.

Thus, these frozen solid sleeping bags are not comfortable at all for sleeping. Hence, it will give you a very hard time while you sleep on it. It will be like hitting the sleeping pad with the hammer. So, use of VPL on it will protect you such uncomfortable zone.

Sleep with the clothes

Apart from the bed liner, it is really a great idea to keep all the clothes that you plan to wear on the next day on the sleeping bag. Thus, in this way, you will add little warmth to your clothes which you are going to put on the next day.

Get the All Weather Fire Starter

In winter camping, fire is the best way to keep yourself warm. Therefore, you will definitely require lighters and matches. But these fire starters are prone to get damp. On getting damp, they will not work properly. Hence, it will give rise to new other problems.

Thus, get a striker. In fact, a portable flint will be easily available at the hiking as well as camping shops. So, with the striker, you will be able to start the fire easily as it works best in cold and wet situations.

While using the striker, make sure that you possess cotton wool pads in handy situations and striking the flint at the furry side of the wool pad as it will easily catch the fire.

Before using any of these, ensure that you have enough wood sticks for lighting the fire.

Every morning, try to collect sufficient wood for the next day.


At your home, you have a fixed schedule of sleeping and all other things. But at the camping, there are some changes. Before hitting your sleeping bag, you must go for a walk around the campsite. Thus, a walk will help in keeping the metabolism active. Hence, you will keep yourself warm.

In fact, high energy snacks before going to bed will help in keeping the body warm. In addition, hot dinner will give you a long way of keeping yourself warm.

But, if you do not want to wake in the middle of the cold night for pissing, then it will be good to avoid any drink at least before 2-3 hours of going to bed.

In fact, you can take a bottle for pissing purpose. It will help you in staying in the tent only in the cold winters.

Sleeping Mat

Adding an extra sleeping mat or pad will add extra warmth to you while you sleep on it. While you sleep on it, the heat will get trapped in between the extra layer. So, go for some extra sleeping mat and stay cozy and warm.


Layers are the favorite word in winter camping. Layer up your regular clothes like t-shirts and tops with the thermal wears. Add on the jacket and sweater too.

In addition, wearing synthetic pants will help in taking away from the moisture. However, winter camping does not support wearing of jeans.

In fact, gloves are also recommended to wear on winter camping. All these clothes will give you warmth and will warm you.

Get the backpack

Use the backpack to serve as the sleeping bag add on. So, using the backpack in this way will add some extra warmth. Hence, just pull it over knees and feet.

These are some common but important winter camping tips to make you safe during winter camping. Still, it is important to learn about hypothermia and frostbite. These are some of the legitimate concerns. One must learn about them and avoid them.

In addition, eating healthy and warm food along with the hot water as well as doing jumping jacks will give you warm stay during cold nights in the winter.

Get the appropriate sleeping pads, warm sleeping bag, stove, and a sturdy tent on winter camping. Take care of these winter camping tips.


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